Vegan Chocolate Fudge, PLUS 11 flavour twists


Chocolate always wins. It really isn’t fair to everything else – the noodle soups, the sides, the dips, the salads – always take second at best. Poor fried rice, you can come to my house any day.

Ok, so what am I on about? You see, I have an enormous backlog of posts… While I do enjoy the picture editing and post writing, I’d rather create and cook and photograph over anything else, and as I’m at home during the day most of my meals get styled and propped before being eaten.

So over the weekend I posted this pic with a comment that in honour of reaching 350 Facebook likes, 1200 Twitter followers and 400 Instagram followers everyone else got to choose what I would post next.

Reader choice - help me decide what to post next week!

#1 won, so per usual dessert is being served first and I must admit, I’m not complaining.

Second place was taken out by #9 – Sweet Potato Fries and third by #8 – Asian Mushroom Soup, so among others not even included in the collage, these will be coming soon too. You are more than welcome to put in your vote down in the comments – it’s a moveable feast round these parts, quite literally.

The old saying goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade – or curd, or cake or tea for that matter – but what about when life serves up a big’ol seized, split mess intended for an Australian twist on Nutella?

First, you start again, twice, to figure out how on earth to make the spread work, then you stick the double batch of messy yet delicious mass into the fridge and think about it later.

12 twists on Vegan Choc Fudge

The first thought was a twist on Vegan Cheesecake, but a combination of being out of macadamias and having both raw truffles made with chickpeas and brownies made with black beans floating around in my brain, sent me to the cupboard in search of legumes.

Into a food processor everything went and before I knew it this fudge was born. In the meantime I discovered that when the seized mess is re-blended once cold it turns smooth and creamy – I’ve updated the Choc Macadamia Spread recipe as this means rice syrup will work every time!

Ironically the bowl of kitchen fail was turned into a wonderful creation however I’m not remotely happy with the photos, figures. But they’ll do for now… sometimes you just have to roll with it!




  1. says

    Ooooh now that’s a good one! Especially straight after Easter :-) I was curious about the “peanut free peanut butter cup” – you could almost say “nut free sesame butter cup” – I looove sesame in all forms.

    • JJ says

      haha I actually put ‘nut-free’ in the graphic but while writing the post I realised that the fudge is full of macadamias so peanut-free won ;D

  2. says

    Chocolate always wins. Absolutely. Hands down!
    Looks delicious – chocolate and raspberries are my favourite combination at the moment – delicious!

  3. brenda hayes says

    Hummm, that reminds me of the fudge at the Jersey Shore, and my favorite dinner party dessert….a fudgy brownie with ice cream and raspberry sauce (heated with pure raspberries)and chocolate sauce on top, served in a stem glass!! My, our habits have changed!!

    • JJ says

      Hi Christine, no, not the duopoly, I get mine at pretty much any health food store and my local IGA has them too. There are a few different brands but I always go for Eden Organics as their cans are BPA Free.

  4. says

    I’m exactly like you! I have a backlog of posts as I always prefer cooking and shooting to writing. If only we could hire ghostwriters.

    Great recipe here. I’m loving the fudge. Looks so decadent and fabulous!

  5. Lillian says

    Do you blend the black beans and the macadamia nuts together? Sorry, your recipe just says to blend the nuts in the processor, but the picture doesn’t look like there are whole beans in the fudge…also, can you taste the beans? I’m a new vegan and I’m kind of wary of trying things like black beans with my chocolate. Chocolate is sacred, you know. 😛

    • JJ says

      Hi Lillian, thanks for the question – the beans are included in the second step “Add all remaining ingredients and blend until very smooth.” :) I personally don’t think black beans have much flavour on their own so the chocolate shines through – you can always up the cocoa or sweetener to taste though!


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