Strawberry Milk


Blogging is an interesting beast. It is a person sitting in front of a computer expressing things in pictures and words, terribly solitary from the outside peering in… or so you’d think. But when you look a bit closer you realise that many of those people sitting at their computers have formed little communities. Sometimes online, sometimes in person, generally with people they never would have met otherwise, and it really doesn’t matter how the community works or where it came from but simply that it is there.

These past few months I’ve been working from home and while it does mean that I have the freedom to not only wear whatever I want but work however I wish, it also means I can go a bit stir-crazy when there is no one around to bounce ideas off of. In addition to the usual coffees and rambling chats and dinner outings I’ve had a few new things happen recently to remind me that I have a wider group to draw and learn from than I realise…


A few weeks back a friend I first met at a Sydney Bloggers Christmas Picnic in the end of 2011 mentioned the MCA Zine fair. A very talented graphic designer, she had participated before and was planning on applying again this year. It happened right around the same time I was making little videos and sketching recipes on a paper table-covering – with coloured pencils intended for a much younger demographic – and I figured it was a good excuse to get drawing again.

I jumped in too and would you know it, Swah and I just found out that we have been approved for a table at the fair! If you’ll be in Sydney on Sunday 26 May make sure you stop by the Museum of Contemporary Art and buy a few (physical!!) Zines from us. There will be cake, we promise.

Then last week another blogger threw her hat in the ring to organise a meetup group. It was an instant hit and a few of us caught up on Thursday evening to work out exactly what the group would be for. The ideas that flew around will last us the better portion of a year – or three – and I’m excited to see where it all goes… If you are a Sydney Blogger and would like to get involved check out the Meetup group created by Sara and come along next time!

And finally, a little background about this post… I ‘met’ Kylie in the middle of last year when she won a copy of a cookbook I was giving away. When I saw a tweet from her saying she was looking for people to guest post while she took a bit of a break to have her second bub I put my hand up to help out. Having a few guest posts when we were away last year was a lifesaver so i figured I’d pass it on.


This Almost Recipe was the perfect thing – simple ingredients, thrown together without many measurements into a rather obvious creation that is kind of like modern art, once you see it you can’t imagine why you didn’t think of it first. I keep making it as an afternoon treat, RJ keeps requesting it for breakfast, and as a matter of fact I could go a big glass right about now…

Make sure to pop over to Octavia and Vicky to get the recipe, don’t forget to wish her congratulations on her new baby boy, and remember to keep open to opportunities – you never know what will happen.

Stay tuned next week for a very exciting announcement about another project I’ve been working on…!



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    Thanks for the mention JJ, really sweet of you. I also can’t wait to see how it evolves.

    Have made a note in the diary for the Zine fair and looking forward to seeing you and Swah there, so exciting!

    Now heading over to check out the strawberry milk, looks delicious.

  2. says

    It’s so true isn’t it JJ? I work from home too but I never actually feel alone. With the speed most people reply with on twitter it’s like sitting in an office! The meet up sounds like a wonderful idea. I’m going to look into doing one in Brisbane.

  3. says

    Lovely :) This reminds me of the strawberry milk that my mother would make for me as a child though mine was more rustic (hand crushed berries). I’m all nostalgic now :)

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