Watermelon & Cucumber Salad with Tahini, Coconut & Lime Dressing


Oh summer, please don’t go. You’ve been nothing but a tease, an irritating teenager, and a raging lunatic for the past two years, but I keep hoping for a reasonable turn. Is it too much to ask for blue sky, reasonable beach temperatures and low humidity on a regular basis?

But I must admit, even through the hotter-than-an-oven days and the rain and the indecision, I still love you more than winter.


While the weather in Sydney has been schizophrenic at best this summer, the fruit has been spectacular. The cherries and stone fruit and melons and figs are not only pretty but have fabulous personalities – and have been making a regular path through our kitchen.

This salad was a random stroke of genius one morning a month or so ago – and a regular visitor with a multitude of variations ever since. If only my freezer was large enough to hold a few buckets of watermelon cubes I’d be set for the whole year…


What will you miss most when summer moves officially into hibernation for another year – or for that matter, if you are currently crawling out of the Northern Hemisphere winter, what are you looking forward to once spring has sprung?




  1. says

    Oh, this makes me so excited for the fact that winter will soon be ending here in Canada. I can’t take much more of snow and thermal underwear. I need summer fruit!

  2. says

    I can’t wait to see the back of summer. I am more an autumn/spring lover myself. Just finished our hottest summer on record, and hot days still forecast. So the salad will be ideal. It looks lovely and fresh. Just what is needed for those hot evenings.

  3. Eha says

    The ease of creating something magical like this in but minutes! Have never enjoyed a dressing quite on par :) ! Schizophrenic summer: tell me about it on the Southern Highlands and am glad the Bureau tells us it is autumn 😀 !


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