Mayan Apocalypse Chocolate Spice Cookies


He looked up at the sky every night like generations before him had, observing, charting, measuring, but tonight was different. Tonight there was a star that appeared to be coming to earth. He had seen shooting stars before, but this time it was controlled, almost as if someone was piloting the star like a ship…

Some say the great knowledge of the Mayans came from time travelers or extra terrestrials. How else could could an ancient culture know so much? How could they pinpoint the length of a year within mere points of the atomic clock? How else could they know how old the universe is, or how to predict celestial movements or build great structures out of stone without modern-day knowledge and mechanics?


The Mayans – an ancient culture based in Central and South America – built amazing cities in the middle of jungles. They used cocoa beans as currency, had highly complex written language, performed ritualised blood letting, and carved images on their buildings that bear a striking resemblance to men in spacesuits.

Their teachings and logic used modern day mathematical models – there is still no understanding as to how they came to this knowledge or how they made incredible astronomical observations resulting in a complex calendar system. This calender system – and the cycles it works in – is the reason everyone is claiming the world will end.

The Mayan long-count calendar began on a date 3000 years before the culture existed, it spanned a 5,125 year cycle – and that 5,125 year cycle ends on Friday 21 December 2012. THE WORLD IS DUE TO END ON FRIDAY.

Or maybe not. Maybe the end of this cycle is simply the beginning of the next, a chance for all of us to start fresh.

Lets not forget that in the Northern Hemisphere, 21 December is the Winter Solstice. It is, every year, the end and the beginning of things. Days get longer, spring and summer, and the bounty of food that goes with those seasons are closer than they have been in the previous six months. Solstices and Equinoxes are seasonal markers determined by the distance of the sun and the earth. The Mayans celebrated and worshiped, lived and died by them – to a degree modern day farmers still do.


My theory about ancient cultures is that they developed extraordinary knowledge because they simply stopped and looked at what was happening around them. They had thousands of years to observe the stars and seasons so that is what they did. What would happen if we all just stepped back and watched for a change? Trusted our instincts, observed instead of rushing blindly ahead?

One of the most poignant things I experienced during our recent Inca Trail hike was the sky. I had been sick, hiking 14kms with nothing in my body, and while taking in some fresh air late that first evening I cast my eyes towards the heavens… and I gasped. I had never – not in the Outback or on a tiny island in Fiji and certainly never in a city – seen a sky so full of stars. There was no need to look for the Milky Way because it was just there, a sparkling, winking swath across a moonless jet black expanse. It was omnipresent, all encompassing, unyielding to those watching it go by. It is no wonder these ancient cultures studied it intently and built stories around it.


So will the world end tomorrow? Probably not. Will a dramatic shift in the universe occur? Maybe. If we are all head down in our keyboards will we even notice? Who knows. So I leave you with a challenge to take one day – or even one hour – and look at the world differently and see what you can find. Now please excuse me while I go eat another ten of these cookies, and turn my sights to the heavens to do some of my own star gazing, I’ll let you know if I see any spaceships.


The spices in these are of course perfect for Christmas celebrations, but as they are not too sweet and have a touch of bitey chilli finish, they are perhaps a bit adult in flavour. Kids get all the fun stuff though so hey, lets keep some for ourselves, right? Make sure to wrap up a little stack for Santa to take with him, poor man has a long night ahead of him!



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    • JJ says

      Ha, maybe that’s it 😉 I have to admit I cheated a bit on the icing – it’s just icing sugar and a splash of almond milk!

  1. says

    Where I am, it’s already Dec 21st. I guess the world has decided to keep on turning after all. Which is a very good thing, because now I get to try these cookies. :) (I really like the cloud one in particular! Super cute.)

  2. says

    I think it’s mighty healthy for us all to take a minute every now and then to pause and look around. Maybe the world would be a better place. In face I’m sure a lot of us will be pausing today at 9.11pm (apparently when it will happen) and looking around to see if anything has changed. Maybe that can be our moment to change (and have a cookie to go with it!).


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