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January 5, 2012
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It’s that time again. If you follow on Twitter or Tumblr or Instagram you may have seen some of this – or you may not have – so here is some stuff that caught my eye over the past week or so…

Sweet Adventures Blog Hop

Death by Chocolate

On Monday we announced the January Adventure for #SABH… Death by Chocolate! This month’s Hostess is Christina from The Hungry Australian – pop on over and read more about this month’s theme. Then put aside your boycotting chocolate resolutions and join us.

The January Sweet Adventures Blog Hop will open for posts and link-up at 9am Monday 16 January 2012 – Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST-Sydney] and will remain open for a week and a day until 11:59pm Monday 23 January 2012 AEST – you can link up at any time during the week. Let the ‘Death by Chocolate’ Adventure begin!

And of course some more food stuff…

  • A few months back a workmate brought in this cookbook. The name does it no justice at all, but the cheeky illustration screams loud and clear that this is no ordinary vegetable book. The recipes are simple and mouthwatering, the writing is lighthearted and amusing with snort-worthy snippets showing up at the most expected moments and causing reexamination of the line in question just to make sure it was read correctly. Seriously, any cookbook that has an instruction stating ‘…make sure to lift the lid every few seconds so that the steam doesn’t build up and kill you.’, is a winner – especially when the line is part of a Black Beans in Red Velvet Mole recipe. Be still my heart. It is most definitely on my wish list, hint hint.
  • Anyway, this week I completely randomly came across The Post Punk Kitchen blog. It was only after browsing around for a while and Pinning multiple recipes that I realised that it is the website of the author of the aforementioned cookbook. Light dawns. In any case, check both out. Be inspired by vegetables. Then invite me over for dinner. Or get me the book and I’ll cook for you – ha!

Picture this

  • Fat Mum Slim January Photo a Day – I came across the #JANphotoaday challenge at the beginning of the week and decided to participate. Now I did my own 30 Days challenge last year but for this one I’m going iPhone only, quick snaps, mostly filtered, all posted on Instagram [Username 84thand3rd if you want to follow] and the Tumblr. Here’s what’s happened so far: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5
  • Reverse Image Search – This amazing tool was discovered via a tweet from @theblogstylist. You upload an image and it tells you where else it is – WHERE ELSE IT IS – this is incredible! Good for both locating the source on images as well as checking to see if your own have been pilfered. Then @crunchytiger shared that you can also drag images into the Google images search bar to do the same thing – I have found Google more effective than, probably because Google knows everything.
  • Modern actress as classic artworks – In 2008 Harpers Bazaar did a shoot with photographer Peter Lindbergh and Julianne Moore, depicting the actress as various classical artworks. In this collection the pics of Moore have been matched up with the original classic artworks. It’s pretty cool.

Letting the interns do the proofreading

  • If you’re in Australia there is little chance that you missed this mess from Myer. Apparently grammar and spelling were not particularly strong subjects for any of the minimum 10 people who approved this 10 metre signage. Yeah, have fun flick-passing this one.
  • And finally, I bet they didn’t teach a class in journalism class titled ‘Know your My Little Ponies‘ but maybe they should have. This is being declared by the internets ‘the best NY Times correction ever’. Ground breaking journalism lesson #52 – check your facts, even the little ones.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoy!

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One Response to Things and stuff and more things Thursday

  1. the kitchen crusader on January 7, 2012 at 6:47 pm

    so excited! I’m desperate to see what everyone’s devious plans are!

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