Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

Blueberry Coconut Smoothie Bowl

The pace of life since we got back from Japan has been hectic at best and, while I'm not complaining about days filled with shooting food for everyone else, I haven't made anything for this little corner of the internet since those Hot Cross Buns. But I figure a new As Seen on Instagram recipe is still a recipe, and one pulled together from a nearly empty fridge and a few freezer staples is a winner in my book. You see, for as brilliant as our trip was we still spent two weeks eating far … [read more]

In My Kitchen: April 2015

It’s once again time for In My Kitchen and as per usual this is a collection of things from the past month -- a small snippet of those seen over on Instagram --- in loosely interpreted categories and no particular order... However this time it's a … [read more]

Buttered Peas & Avocado on Toast

They were a spur of the moment purchase at the farmers' market. A bag of peas in the shell, sitting just next to the scale. The peas (along with some broccoli and cucumbers) went into a satchel -- and then subsequently sat in the fridge, looking … [read more]

Chocolate Granola

Sometimes you just have to go with your gut. Like the day I landed on Food.Baby.Life, my assigned blog for March Secret Recipe Club, and the first post on the first page was for a grain-free chocolate granola. And that granola called out to me so … [read more]

Banana Split Hot Cross Buns

I'd been thinking about Hot Cross Buns for weeks. It happens every Easter, so it wasn't a surprise really, however this year it was Chocolate Hot Cross Buns that were hopping through my mind like a hyperactive bunny. But everyone and their mother … [read more]

Leftover Fruit Platter Popsicles

There is every chance this recipe looks familiar. Perhaps like a recent smoothie? But when something works you may as well ride that wave as far as it goes. Especially when the wave tastes as good as these do. Yes, you can use … [read more]