Tahini & Raspberry Power Breakfast Shake – a PB&J twist

Tahini & Raspberry Power Breakfast Shake

After taking September off from the Secret Recipe Club while we ate our way across the US, I’m back with a bang and excited to explore all the lovely creations that appear each month.

My SRC assignment for October was Baking and Creating with Avril and as usual I was spoilt for choice.

Tahini & Raspberry Power Breakfast Shake

I took to her side-bar tags for inspiration and the first thing to catch my eye was a Pumpkin Swirl Bread, however as I’ve been a bit heavy handed with the pumpkin lately I figured I’d simply bookmark it for later.

Her Stuffed Tomatoes were also tempting — and may well show up with a vegetarian twist once summer produce kicks in — but there was no resisting an easy breakfast shake.

Tahini & Raspberry Power Breakfast Shake

My fondness for alternatives to PB&J is well documented so it only made sense to use one of my favourite combos and turn it into a creamy milkshake.

A bit of fruit, some protein and a fancy decoration on the glass made for the perfect post-yoga-followed-by-a-run-I-must-be-crazy breakfast. Yummmm or ohmmmmm or ouchhhhhh as the case may be.

Tahini & Raspberry Power Breakfast Shake

Tahini & Raspberry Power Breakfast Shake

For those keeping score, yes, we totally own a milkshake maker. It was a wedding gift many moons ago and while it isn’t used nearly as much any more — due to a healthy immersion blender obsession — I do love it so.



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    Yahoo!! I love that you gave this smoothie such a fabulous twist! Gorgeous job at that! Thank you so much for having my blog this past month for the SRC…an honor to have you at my “home” :-)

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