Passionfruit & Orange Sorbet

Passionfruit & Orange Sorbet

We added another doona onto the bed the other night. The heater in the lounge room is getting a workout – as is the power bill I’m sure. I pretty much live in an ancient cashmere jumper and occasionally layer it with a puffy down vest. I haven’t taken off my  Ugg boots in days. Can you tell I don’t do winter very well?

Passionfruit & Orange Sorbet

So why on earth am I making sorbet? Well it uses the best of local NSW winter citrus, and not quite as local Queensland winter passionfruit to create an instant tropical treat… And if I sit right in front of the heater I can almost pretend it’s summer – ha!

Passionfruit & Orange Sorbet

After using part of my passionfruit stash for these Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Cups I knew the rest had to go into something sweet.

Since I’ve been slightly addicted to a new Orange Dreamsicle Smoothie invention this simply seemed like a logical next step. I love it when a plan comes together. I even had enough pulp leftover to freeze up for later.

Passionfruit & Orange Sorbet

Oh summer I miss you.

Passionfruit & Orange Sorbet
Thanks to Australian Passionfruit & Horticulture Australia for the passionfruit


  1. Sarah says

    I LOVE winter! Everything you were saying about heaters and Fiona’s and cashmere sounded magic to me. Ah well, at least we can meet in the middle over sorbet.

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