Spicy Passionfruit, Coconut & Prawn Lettuce Wraps

Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Wraps

A tangy, sweet, spicy, crunchy explosion of flavor and texture. A dose of summer in the middle of winter. A slightly unexpected combination that turned out simply perfect…

Can you tell I’m kind of in love with this recipe? Even the colours make me happy.

Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Wraps

This is not the first time passionfruit has appeared round these parts, but it is usually included in a dessert such as Passionfruit & Coconut Self-saucing Pudding Cake or this insane White Chocolate Cream Cheese Passionfruit Icing.

So when a box of enormous passionfruit showed up on my doorstep, as much as I wanted to make cake immediately, I had to do something new. Something new, meet internet. Internet, meet something new. I think you’ll get along just fine.

Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Wraps

Passionfruit is another one of those things I had never tasted before moving to Sydney – Philly doesn’t quite have the right weather for tropical fruit – but in Australia most homes have a passionfruit vine or two growing across the back fence.

I recently learned from a Queensland-based grower that passionfruit is generally trellised like grapes and doesn’t continue to ripen after being picked, but rather falls from the vine when ready to harvest. Fruit should be heavy for its size, and contrary to what most people think it doesn’t need to be wrinkled to be ripe.

There are a few different types of passionfruit grown in Australia and while I’m a fan of the more sour versions, a squeeze of citrus gives the sweet ones a great kick.

Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Wraps

Oh, around the same time I made this dish RJ and I discovered Vietnamese pancakes… you can bet the leftovers ended up wrapped in a crispy crepe creation the next day.

Everybody wins. I do still want cake though…

Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Wraps

Spicy Passionfruit & Prawn Lettuce Wraps~~~

The passionfruit was gifted to me in accordance with my editorial policy. Many thanks to Australian Passionfruit & Horticulture Australia, edible mail is the best kind!


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