Getting stoned for my birthday…

July 24, 2011
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Winter's day

…with the full support of RJ at that. Now we’re not talking about dodgy dorm-room or public-park stoned, this was high-class fancy stuff, and well worth the cost. It involved slightly trippy music, the feeling of floating and a fair bit of nudity…and afterward I had a massive bout of dry mouth, it took hours to come down, and I was starving. I highly recommend it to everyone. What to ask for? Hot.Stone.Massage. Ha!

The Aveda Day Spa in Paddington is where I went to get my fix, compliments of a birthday voucher from my darling husband. I had seen signs for Stone Massages all over Hong Kong [including IN THE LOBBY of our hotel] when we were there last year, but as 4 days of hectic sightseeing and eating resulted in some really cool pics and alas, not much relaxation, I have been saying I needed to get one ever since.

Getting Stoned

So how did it differ from a regular massage? Well for the one I had, they use the stones to massage you, rather than just putting them on your back as in the brochure photos, and the stones, they’re hot. Perhaps a bit of a ‘duh’ statement but always good to state the obvious bits. I was in the ‘Infinity’ room due to a couple of boxes ticked on a form about how I was feeling that day, not sure if that meant I was infinite or needed some infinity. It started out with a foot soak and scrub [using a really big stainless steel bowl that reminded me that I need to go to the kitchen supply store - yep, that's how my brain works]. Well, actually it started with the question ‘do you have any metal plates in your body’, um, no. But once that was out of the way I chose a scented oil from 3 options [picked a woody/musky one, the other two were way too sweet] and then onto a table.

If you are one of those people who wants to get a massage fully clothed, this one isn’t for you…but all parts of your body are covered by towels – bar the section being worked on. The stones act as an extension of the masseur’s hands and relay a fair amount of heat, but as they are constantly moving it ends up being a warm-flow type feeling rather than a hot-spot situation, and since I have no metal plates, no problems at all.

It was a bit intense without being uncomfortable like some more remedial methods. I really did feel at one point that I was floating above the table instead of laying on it, slightly trippy really. When it was all through my perpetually dark circles were even gone [for all of about oh, 15 minutes].

I spent the remainder of the day by grabbing a quick healthy lunch [love Iku Wholefoods],

Lunch from Iku Wholefoods

leisurely walking through the city, soaking up some winter sun, and partaking in a touch of shopping. Pretty much everything is still 50% off due to mid-year sales, but I mostly behaved and only splurged a little bit. I want to go back this weekend.

So tell me, what is the best massage you have ever gotten? [keep it clean boys and girls] I am already planning what’s next.

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