Rainbow Whole-Fruit Popsicles (Ice Pops)

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

Sitting on the concrete floor of my mother’s friend’s flowershop I sorted and searched through the little plastic pieces for the right colour. Pop, pop, pop the little pegs broke through black paper, twinkling as they released the light.

I followed the Lite Brite patterns until I used them all up and started making up my own designs — swirls and zig-zags and 5-year-old interpretations of trees — from the little points of colour.

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

And then a question, asked casually and without pressure, that would open a whole other world.

“Oh J”, called from across the room, “do you know about the colour wheel?”

Within moments of those six coloured pegs being arranged in a circle on the back-lit board my young life changed.

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

Red and yellow made orange, yellow and blue made green, blue and red made purple and then all again.

It was at once completely logical, yet entirely magical, and from that point on everything existed as a rainbow (or if it didn’t I tried my hardest to make it so).

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

A pastel rainbow painted by hand stretching from the decorative princess window over my bed across the wall to the doorway, Crayons and pencils re-orgainsed in their packs into perfect rainbows. Later, clothes on shelves and hanging bars organised first by item then by colour (starting with red and ending with purple before the pinks, whites, greys, browns and blacks filed in).

Rainbow anything and everything because it was pretty and made me happy.

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

Now of course I also adore rainbow food however most of it is pretty scary. I brainstorm all the time about how I could make rainbow cakes and pancakes and bread using natural colours, last year I even managed to make a rainbow of Natural Food-Based Easter Egg Dyes.

So when popsicles came up as a SABH theme, tackling the rainbow was a given.

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

Sydney is seriously lacking in decent popsicle moulds and so off I went to search the internets. These very traditional ones are on their way now and are bound to produce a few more creations over the rest of the summer, but it was these plastic tube ice pops that really got me thinking.

Both mad science and the creative distraction gene feature heavily around here, so it should be no surprise that out came the heat sealer (don’t ask why I have a heat sealer, just accept it and move on, it’s safer for everyone that way) and the zip top bags, and before I knew it there were a small army of long plastic tubes marching across the benchtop.

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

As for the fillings, while they aren’t quite a pure rainbow — blue turned a lovely deep lavender (Blueberry Coconut); white/pale pink ended up orangey-tan (White Nectarine & Lychee) and moved way up the rainbow; the intended orange pop turned out quite yellow (Mango & Orange) bridging the gap between red and green; and black was closer to a dark red than a dark purple (Spiced Plum & Black Cherry) — they certainly are lovely none the less.

I would be perfectly happy with any of these as large popsicles, straight-up fruit or with a boozy adults-only twist, but there is something terribly fun about the little tubes, wouldn’t you agree?

Rainbow Whole-Fruit Ice Pops

Oh, just in case you are wondering, my closet is still colour coordinated in rainbow order, as are all the spools of thread in my sewing box. Hey, a bit of OCD never hurt anyone — especially when it makes everything pretty.


A quick resource list

Sweet Adventures Blog Hop - Popsicle PartyOnce again it’s time for Sweet Adventures Blog Hop and our guest hostess is the dessert queen Swah from Love Swah with her Popsicle Party theme. Thanks for hosting!

SABH is a monthly blog hop brought to you by JJ from 84th & 3rd and guest hostesses.

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  1. says

    I looooovvvveee these! The colours and fruit combos are so bright and vibrant! And I want those plastic Zipzicles! But I would have to borrow your heat sealer! Well done with this pops JJ!

  2. says

    Love it JJ! My wardrobe is in colour order as well, I like the way it looks and I swear it makes it easier to find things! All these popsicles sound delicious, such perfect flavour combos (and I especially love the adults only options for each!)

  3. says

    A rainbow of fruity ice pops, wonderful!! They look delicious and I am impressed the amount of effort you went to for all those flavours!!

  4. says

    Great idea, they look yum! I haven’t joined in this month as I don’t have moulds. It’s a shame I’m not as creative as you as I do of course have a food saver!

  5. says

    How clever you are. I love the variety of flavours and how good for you all of these are but most of all, I’m super-impressed that you were able to make the little tubes and seal them all. Something else for my wish-list! xx

    • Londa says

      I just bought some ice pop molds from amazon and love them. Put in search icon, silicone ice pop molds, they are wonderful! One time buy!

  6. Kars says

    This reminded me of one of the popular summer treats that we have here in the Philippines – ice candy.
    Here, usual flavors are:
    ~ buko (made with young coconut meat)
    ~ red mung beans
    ~ avocado
    ~ mango
    ~ chocolate
    ~ sweet corn
    ~ fruit flavors (using fruit-flavored powdered juices)

    • JJ says

      Yes! I saw these after I did the post but hadn’t ever trailed them myself, good to hear you like them – now added :)

  7. Chelsea says

    I absolutely loved these! Thank you so much for the recipes! I doubled all of them and did half with alcohol and half without for a college graduation party tomorrow (I tried them frozen in a ice cube tray). I made all of them except the Nectarine and Lychee (had to travel too far to get Lychee) and the Pineapple Ginger (there wasn’t a good substitute for sparkling water and I worried with the ice pop bags I was using that the “sparkle” would burst the bags.)

    Since I was making them for a party I needed a disposable idea. I would highly suggest to anyone who doesn’t have a heat sealer to look at ice pop bags. The best brand I could find was a company that originated from Denmark (but sold from the US) The brand was Schur, a pretty common ice company. I ordered mine really cheap over ebay. 120 for 7.00. No BPA. The zipsicles are so expensive! And hard to fill. But other ice pop bags are made in China and I would be careful with them.


    This is a video on how to fill a Schur Ice pop bag, I used a turkey baster, because the stuff I was using was not just juice but pureed fruit.

    The ice pop bags also fit exactly 1 1/2 cups of liquid.

  8. stephen says

    Quick question on the blueberry coconut milk popsicle recipe. Is that coconut milk in a can or coconut milk like in the dairy section that is made to replace milk? Thanks!

    • JJ says

      Hi Stephen, I used coconut milk from a can – most of the ones in the tetra-packs (sold as dairy milk substitutes) have loads of thickeners and chemicals so I avoid them. You can use whatever you prefer. ~ JJ


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