‘Round the world in 35 days

I may not have been entirely honest with you. Well, not honest exactly, but maybe open … I certainly haven’t shared what I have been up to lately.  If you follow on Twitter you may have noticed mentions or pics of places about as far from Sydney as possible over the past few weeks … yep, we have most definitely been on the road again.

Quite a few months back the itchy feet kicked in and luckily there was a conference I wanted to attend in San Diego and a family get together in New York to use as an ‘excuse’ for planning a holiday.  This trip however we decided [I demanded perhaps…] that we needed a proper holiday and not a 10 days in and out of the US manic break.  A proper holiday in my book includes a beach at the end of it. A do-nothing, don’t wear a watch or shoes that cover your toes, flit around only in sundresses and bathing suits, tropical beach. When you live in Sydney and have to start by working your way across the US, well, the logical conclusion is to finish at a resort somewhere in Asia, duh. And since you have to go through [over, whatever] Europe to get to Asia, well, may as well stop there too.

So we did, for 5 weeks.  San Diego, Washington DC, Baltimore, Western NY, NYC, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm, London, Bangkok and Koh Samui.

We saw a heap of friends and family, met multiple new babies, ate and drank our weight in local delicacies a couple times over, walked about a thousand kms sightseeing, and most importantly ended it all with 4 deliciously hot, relaxing days on the beach. There are pictures, lots and lots and lots of pictures, and enough recipe inspiration to keep me going for at least the next 6 months if not more. Get ready.

Up, up and away

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