Fig, Fetta, Tahini & Thyme – an Almost Recipe


I don’t create recipes the same way I post them. I think in arrows and chicken scratch and abbreviations. I have to make sure I write down oven temps and final cooking times and recipe titles or I’d end up with a pile of papers containing a list of ingredients and little else.

But some things just don’t need proper recipes or quantities or detailed instructions. A quick photo, a few simple ingredients and maybe a note or two will suffice.

As I regularly post dishes on Facebook via Instagram with a description of what went into the soup/salad/sandwich/etc, I figured that I may as well take it one step further and post here too.

Get in mah belly.

And so with that I’ve decided to share an occasional Almost Recipe with you.

A list of ingredients, most likely without measurements. A few photos, possibly taken on my phone. A brief explanation, at times in the form of a rambling fairy-dance story. It’s like a pick and mix really – all colour and plastic scoops and paper bags and occasional sharing. Leave your pennies at the counter on the way out.

Without any further ado a quick snack inspired by a container of sweet figs and a package of salty fetta, because that’s how I roll.



  1. says

    Looks yummy, JJ!
    And you’re right! I would see this for brunch, and also as an entrée, yum!
    Although I think i would make this as a canapé but on a smaller rice cake (for fear or cracking and falling everywhere but mainly just because i love canapés. :)

  2. says

    Figs are in season at the moment and I always have those rice crackers in the cupboard and there’s an enormous jar of tahini in the fridge so I really ought to give this a try xx


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