Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream


You need to make this. I need to stop eating it. I’m addicted. It’s that bad, or that good, whatever. But it really only has three ingredients I keep saying to myself, and all three are good for you. And there is no sugar. And there is no dairy. And there is no soy. And it tastes SO AMAZING and SO CHOCOLATY and SO VERY GOOD.


When we chose Death by Chocolate for the January Sweet Adventures Blog Hop the first thing that went through my mind was ‘oh no, the holidays just passed and all I have done is eat sweets for a whole month… blargh’. As a result I was determined to make something entirely [ok, mostly] guilt free, but not sacrifice one single ounce of flavour in the process. Done.

12-01-08_DeathbyChoc-IceCream 12-01-08_DeathbyChoc-IceCream

This does require a bit of advance planning because you need frozen bananas. I however always have frozen bananas, how very convenient. And as much as I used lovely yellow bananas for the ingredient shot up above lets be honest, by the time my bananas make it into the freezer they look more like these:


One big fat tip – peel your bananas before you freeze them. Let me repeat that for impact – peel your bananas before you freeze them. Have you ever tried to peel a frozen banana? No? It goes something like this… Place banana with peel in freezer thinking how smart you are because you don’t need a bag or container… remove days later and try to peel… possibly get a layer of skin off, probably not… pick with fingernail and finally resort to scraping banana with a knife to remove peel even though you can’t really figure out where peel ends and banana begins… get frostbite on fingers in process… curse loudly… continue to find un-peeled frozen bananas hidden in freezer recesses for months… curse loudly.

For a much better option… peel bananas, cut in half if you’d like, place in plastic container or zip baggie, freeze until needed. Unless your freezer is arctic, frozen bananas are still reasonably easy to slice too. They also make magical Banana Smoothies but that is a different post for a different day.

12-01-08_DeathbyChoc-IceCream 12-01-08_DeathbyChoc-IceCream

You could make this in an ice cream maker. I would have used one but alas, no magical frozen dessert appliance here. I want one, badly, however owning an ice cream maker would mean that I would make ice cream on a regular basis, so on second thought… probably best that I don’t. Instead I stirred it every half hour or so until it was frozen, and each time tried just a small spoonful, you know, to make sure it was still ok.


Oh, one more thing… I may have used this ice cream to make…wait for it… Ice Cream Sandwiches. Chocolate Wafer recipe to follow very shortly. This gets more insane by the minute. You can’t be surprised really, it is Death by Chocolate after-all.



Death by ChocolateHave an amazing chocolate recipe to share? Make sure to link it up this week in the Death By Chocolate Blog hop! Christina from The Hungry Australian is hosting this month, go check out her post for instructions on how to join – and don’t forget to check out all the chocolaty goodness in the linked up posts below!



  1. says

    That looks delicious – I’m glad there was at least one other vegan entry into this blog hop, it is always such a shame for me to look through all the posts and not be able to make any of them :) I will definitely try this one though. I also make a very decadent vegan chocolate ice cream but I use silken tofu instead of bananas and avocado – we will have to swap recipes sometime! Love this!

    • JJ says

      Good to hear – let me know how it goes :) I try to avoid soy so it makes it even more interesting to create ‘creamy’ when I’m not using dairy!

    • JJ says

      Thanks for stopping by Laura, it’s a nice alternative to heavy ice cream. Other times only the full strength stuff will do however!

  2. says

    Having read your “how we eat” page, I had no idea how you would pull this one off, but you’ve done it! It’s an amazing achievement, and if it wasn’t for my absolute disdain for bananas I might even give it a go!

    • JJ says

      I was being so very mysterious wasn’t I – haha. You’ll have to let me know how it goes with ‘proper machinery’!

  3. says

    I am not very good with making vegan or gluten free things. Not because I dont like them but they seemd so healthy and unindulgent. I was going to flick past this but it looks and sounds so delicious i am going to make this for tonight. Thanks JJ!

    • JJ says

      Yay – hope you enjoy it. Although I try for healthy I can’t be bothered with un-indulgent – what’s the point!

  4. Kirsty says

    List of things to do this week:
    1. Buy bananas
    2. Freeze bananas

    Weekend plan:
    1. Make this ice-cream!

    I am so excited by this… and it’s just so easy! Thank you :)

  5. says

    Stunning JJ! I am sending a link to your post to my vegan colleague for sure. I know avocado winds up in a lot of ice creams in the Philippines but its creaminess would really give this chocolate ice cream a nice richness :)

    • JJ says

      Hi Steph – I use dutched cocoa which gives it the really dark colour but you could use either. ‘Raw’ cacao powder would be brilliant too.

  6. says

    LOL I learned the hard way freezing bananas years ago…thought I was being smart but just wasted times & bananas and missed out on banana smoothies that we were so much looking forward too!! :)

  7. says

    Oh JJ, you are such a clever thing! I would never had guessed that there was no sugar and no dairy in this ice cream. My mother is always on my back about not feeding the kids so much sugar so this would be a great substitute. I’m definitely going to try it BTW should I be concerned that my toddler son can order ‘chocolate cake’ and ‘baby cino, please’ by himself when we visit a cafe?

  8. says

    Oh, my gosh! You are amazing!!! Here I thought you were going to share a decadent, high fat and sugar ice cream…because it sure looks like one!! This is masterful!!! And your ice cream sandwiches look fabulous, too~ Excellent Death by Chocolate post :)

  9. says

    Just ate this tonight…and I couldn’t stop! I felt so indulgent but glad it was healthy! I was so anxious to make it, I used my just-bought-still-a-little-green bananas. I will have to try it with more ripened bananas next time. Oh, and I used a little raw agave nectar. Thank you for this!

  10. Larssen says

    Be careful to use a nicely ripe avocado!!!mine was quite green so instead of creaminess it ended up chunky :-S we ll give it a try with a proper avocado :-)

    • JJ says

      Great tip Larssen – thanks for sharing, I hope you try it again with a ripe one! Quite important also to use one that isn’t over-ripe as they can taste a bit odd :)

  11. Brittany S. says

    I made this tonight and ate a scoop as a midnight “indulgence”. It was yummy and satisfying :) I added extra cocoa powder, coconut shavings, crushed almonds, and a dollop of coconut milk. My non-vegan family had a hard time swallowing it when I told them there was avocado in it. So next time I’ll make sure to keep the secret ingredient a secret!!! Thanks for the great recipe

    • JJ says

      Funny how everyone likes it until they know what’s in it! The addition of coconut and almonds sounds great!

  12. Therese says

    Hi! Is there any reason for why the banana has to be frozen? :) Why can´t we just blend it all and then freeze the whole thing? :)

    • JJ says

      Hi Therese, you definitely can – and making it un-frozen will actually result in a delicious Vegan Chocolate Mousse – but the final frozen result may be slightly icier. Having the banana frozen simply helps out to get it a bit more creamy.

  13. Shelley says

    WOW! I just tried this tonight it was amazingly awesome! Chocolate icecream craving = sorted. Thank you!

  14. Buddy says

    I bought an ice cream maker last summer, and I’ve been experimenting ever since. Last night, we had a friend over for dinner who has strict dietary restrictions, including no dairy. I have a recipe for vegan chocolate mousse that uses avocado as a base, so I did a quick Google search to see if there were any similar ice cream recipes, and I found this one. We all enjoyed it.

    The base, made of avocado, banana, and no liquid, was too thick for the paddle of my ice cream maker. It just held together in a ball. So I removed it from the ice cream maker and followed the instructions above.

    I used the syrup and two tablespoons cacao nibs. The ice cream was not as sweet as I expected. This was not a bad thing as everyone at dinner preferred dark chocolate. The banana and avocado flavors were also present, but that may have been because all of us were familiar with them.

    If entertaining for someone on a vegan or non-dairy diet, I would make this again. I look forward to experimenting with additions such as cayenne pepper or cinnamon chips.

  15. says

    Came out fantastic! Super simple. Had all of the ingredients and it was delicious and last a week! (only bc I just ate it all lol)

  16. Paige says

    I just want to say thanks for your amazing recipes – they all look so good. I’m on an elimination diet for my breastfed son who has intolerances and next week is my birthday. I’d given up on having anything yummy to celebrate but now feel like I can have a special dessert. So excited!! I’ve bookmarked a few to try :)


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