April 6, 2011
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Coloured-sugar-bits, gottta love that.  Tried out two different recipes to make homemade sprinkles – the first of which I saw here, the second being a bit more of a royal icing…The first batch [on the right] I kept very thick, and it was firm enough to set, but ended up settling as little bubble shaped dots

Sprinkle lineup

…does anyone out there remember the candy from the 80′s that had bright dots on strips of paper, you know, the ones that never quite came off the backing the way they were supposed to so you always ended up with a bit paper in every bite… it looked like a factory for them in my kitchen.

Dot dot dot dotSea of dots

The second batch settled less and ended up as little pointy drops – much better!  Some of them even made it on to the CupCakes from the other day.

little kisses

Theoretically these could be done in any colour…ohh the possibilities!

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One Response to Sprinkles!

  1. brenda on April 6, 2011 at 1:22 pm

    Wow, reminds me of some of your pre-school art work…….rows of tiny carrots, tiny tomatoes, tiny apples and oranges, etc., if I remember accurately….a challenge these days. I love the sprinkles. And the fund raiser idea is an interesting one. Hope the father and baby are coming along ok.

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