Smokey Chilli-Lime Hummus & a KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender giveaway!


My kitchen blender dramas have been well documented, but if you missed the various rants, in short at the end of last year both my immersion hand blender and mini-food processor went on to the big kitchen in the sky.

As a result, for a little while I was without any way to make drinks, soups, spreads and cheesecake.


First world problem? Yes, of course. But I do live in a first world country, and we do like our weekend smoothies. In any case, KitchenAid was kind enough to send me a hand blender to try out when mine died and boy did I give it a work out over the past few months.

Then the other day this showed up – a just released KitchenAid Deluxe Hand Blender from their Artisan range…

KitchenAid Giveaway - 84thand3rd

In addition to all my blending issues being solved, I now have one to giveaway so yours could be too!

The KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender is a pretty good little tool. The 5-speed grip not only clicks into an immersion stick blender, a chopper and a whisk, but the stick has 3 separate stainless steel bell-blade attachments for all different uses.

Really handy features:

  • Immersion blender is stronger than expected. While making a smoothie with frozen bananas and ice cubes I thought it wasn’t really blending – then I realised the entire mixture was smooth already. It made quick work of hummus and I’ll be putting it through its paces soon enough with some Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream.
  • The blender jug and chopper bowl have a rubber ring around the base so they don’t move around – I love this feature. They are BPA free too.
  • Blender jug has a lid that the bell blade fits through for splash protection. A guard for the bell-blades clip-on to protect your pans if pureeing straight from the stove.
  • Pretty much everything twists apart for easy cleaning.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The chopper is a chopper not a food processor – the smaller blade is perfect for chopping nuts, breadcrumbs, eggs and herbs but for thicker things like hummus and large amounts of liquid keep with the immersion stick blender.
  • You have to match up the arrows to get the stick to click into the grip properly – an art director somewhere made the arrows as light as possible as to not distract from the overall design but they can be a bit hard to see in a poorly lit kitchen. I have a poorly lit kitchen. Once you know where they are it isn’t an issue however.
  • There are some plastic parts, but the important components like the bells and blades are all metal.

Ok, so the bit you’ve been waiting for…

KitchenAid Giveaway - 84thand3rd

How to WIN your very own KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender

UPDATE the giveaway has now ended – congratulations to Terese from Tasmania – I hope you enjoy your new hand blender!

See that little entry tool just below? It lists all sorts of ways you can enter – like leaving a comment about what you would make first, tweeting about the giveaway, liking 84th & 3rd on Facebook, and subscribing to receive new posts via email.

Just remember, only entries recorded in the little tool will count! Giveaway open from 9 am Friday 26 April – midnight Thursday 2 May [Sydney time]

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway open to readers with an Australian mailing address. If you win and want to give it to your mother for Mother’s Day, major brownie points for you; if you want to keep it for yourself, go right ahead!


And before I go I’ll leave you with a quick recipe for a great twist on hummus, you could of course make it with this hand blender [see what I did there]. It may have been spread over pretty much everything I ate for weeks.






Thanks to KitchenAid Australia/New Zealand for the giveaway. The KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender retails for AU $249.00 and is in stores from this month. Don’t forget to sign up to the KitchenAid Top Table monthly newsletter for recipes, product information and local demo locations.


  1. says

    This blender would be FANTASTIC for pureeing my 8 months old food and making green smoothies for myself. My current blender is so LOUD it requires me to use it in the garage because it makes my son cry! :-)

  2. says

    this hummus looks amazing, ive been into making dips and purees with flatbread and crackers lately! and i would love this blender as mine was officially certified dead last night when i poured all my ingredients into it and it wouldn’t move! grrr!

  3. Katy says

    I’ve wanted a stick blender for ages, but been worried about their power. The KitchenAi Artisan Deluxe hand blender sounds excellent. If i won this I would have to make this amazing chilli and lime hummus. It looks healthy and tasty!

  4. Shez says

    The temperatures are cooling and that leaves me with a hankering for soup! (and, better yet, soup that I don’t have to precariously tip into a blender, and then tip back out again, in batches, for that velvety finish). I can only justice hoe useful this little gadget would be for that.

  5. I Nicholson says

    I keep a range of chilli sauces in the fridge so I would start mincing the chilli/spice paste with the KitchenAid handblender!

  6. Monica says

    The fist thing that I’d make is homemade mayonnaise with fresh eggs because it’s a versatile base for salad dressings, dips, sauces and sandwich spread.

  7. Glenda says

    This little beauty would be a much welcomed addition to my kitchen. The very first thing I would make is pesto – I always like to have it on hand as it is a family favourite closely followed by your delicious looking hummus.

  8. Terese Smith says

    Because the winter weather came to Tassie with a blast this week, I think a great big pot of potato and leek soup

  9. Virginia says

    I would love to make a tomato and olive tapenade. i’m yet to find a brand i like so it would be awesome to make it myself!

  10. Kathleen says

    After I entered, I noticed I need to live in Australia to win…sigh…I should read the entire post first..*hangs head in shame*

  11. Katie says

    I love smokey hummus it’s one of the stables in our household though I’ve never added chilli before. My next girls night I’ll definitely be giving this recipe a whirl. Thanks so much JJ!

  12. Hannavel says

    First of all, let me say that I enjoy you blog and most especially your pics on IG! ? Anyway, I was looking forward to having a chance to win your free blender/mixer but now bummed that it’s only open if you have an Australian address….which I don’t have! ???????? like you, I have a dilemma on what blender to get. Got a gift of two different brands in the past three years but each has broke and had not lived up to my expectations! I’ve never (and i mean, Never!) owned a KitchenAid mixer/blender as they usually cost more than my budget could afford! **sigh** I guess I would have to wait for another chance to have one! To all who entered, goodluck and to whoever WINs, happy mixing/blending in your new KitchenAid! ????

  13. Hannavel says

    Oh, IF I win this KitchenAid, I can’t wait to make the Guacamole Pico de Gallo (for snack)&/or the Basil & Pesto (for lunch).

  14. Dyane C. says

    I want to make my own sauces and dips such as raw applesauce and spicy ginger hummus. My current food processor is a pain to cleanup and it is permanently attached to a blender, very odd contraption — I need to think about upgrading!

    • JJ says

      I almost got one of those years ago but it always seemed clunky! I tend to not upgrade till I grind them into the ground ;D

  15. kare says

    I was going to suggest my favourite pumpkin hummus until I read the smokey chili & lime hummus recipe which sounds divine! I’d also use the blending stick to whip up some south of the border ancho chili infused black bean soup.

  16. Jennifer B. says

    Powdered coffee? So disgusting,
    Real coffee flavour. Always lusting.
    Everyone loves my coffee icecream…
    Using the Turbopro Stick whipping cream and grinding FRESH coffee beans!

  17. Soley says

    I’m so excited to make this! My hand blender just broke.. I would make this, my morning porridge/smoothie sorbets and cake and some nice vegan ice cream. I’d use it every day probably many times a day.

  18. sharon says

    I just made this hummus it is great!
    I used my vitamix but then had to scrape the blades and clean it out.

    I could make smoothies and hummus without the dreaded clean up!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  19. says

    I’d make a nice smoked salmon dip, yummy!! I have seen these or something similar being used on My Kitchen Rules, I think they are brilliant, definitely on my wish list now!

  20. says

    Hi, If I had the kitchenAid Artisan I would make a simple tomato sauce by processing some whole tomatoes, then I would cook my sauce and then I would make some fresh pesto with whole walnuts to accompany my sauce all thrown together with yummy fresh pasta. My children would also eat this with so much gusto! We also would take advantage of the KitchenAid to make hummus. We currently make it a few times a week and spread it on bread avoiding butter! Thanks!

  21. says

    I’d be a happy mommy if I win this JJ! What should I make? I’d love to make some spicy cheese pimiento spread, some homemade salsa and guacamole for a seasonal Sunday Mexican feast! *fingers crossed*

  22. Simone N says

    Im drooling kitchen Porn whoops hehe Kitchen Aid! First thing I would make is a definitely soup bases tomatoes, zucchini, endless really but I would be super keen to test this out on making my clump mash to soft cottons of fluff mash for the family 😉

  23. Amy says

    If I won the KitchenAid Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender, the first thing I would make is a huge batch of quality passata. I am pregnant and craving lasagne like crazy!


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