Cinnamon Cauliflower Coffee Cake & Caramel Sauce


Since we got back from our adventure I have been on a much needed clean-eating kick. If you were following along at any point you know we were quite literally consuming everything in our path as we made our way around The America’s for almost three months – and it wrapped-up for me with a gluttonous weekend at EDB2012.

Back in my own kitchen I gravitated immediately to the quinoa, brown rice, kale and eggs. It’s how I prefer to eat, honestly, and a bit of ingenuity makes for some pretty tasty dishes.


My usual breakfast is oat porridge with some natural yoghurt, but I’ve had no desire for oats or dairy recently. And pretty much anything with gluten, even homemade bread, didn’t hold any allure.

Rather than fight it I embraced it, and working from home these past few weeks allowed me to cook whatever I wanted without working around a dirty office kitchen microwave. It is still odd to be home, but good food and exercise make it easier to settle in.


Of course, as it does, the Sweet Adventures Blog Hop rolled around and as hostess I needed to find something good to create. I’ve been baking with both carrots and pumpkin these past few weeks but wanted something new. Something a bit… really? you did what?

Cauliflower was the first thing that came to mind. So I went searching on the Google-machine and would you know it but I couldn’t find a single sweet cake made with cauliflower. True, I may not have looked particularly hard, but the absence of immediate recipes solidified my thinking to use the cruciferous platinum veggie for my Sweet Adventures Blog Hop ‘Cake & three Veg’ creation.


I ended up with the perfect substitute for dairy without involving nuts or soy. My mind is spinning with ideas, there is no doubt cauliflower will show up again in a dessert somewhere… But lets focus for a moment on this recipe because we have cake to eat.

All the details on how to link up are below the recipe, I can’t wait to see what everyone has come up with!




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  1. says

    I love eggplant as a potato mash sub and can see how it would be great as a dairy sub too. Such creamyness 😀 I expected something out there from you JJ and you def delivered haha. Thanks for hosting :) x

  2. says

    Truly amazing! You did it! I knew you’d come up with something a little left of centre but this trumps any crazy ideas I would’ve come up with! I love your creativity :)

  3. says

    Am still getting over cauliflower in a cake – it looks so good!!

    We’ve just linked up, with our slightly more mainstream fudgy beetroot chocolate cupcakes, but just wanted to let you know, we are wordpress.com so not self-hosted. We’ve linked back on the SABH image and a few links within the post too :)

  4. says

    Cinnamon Cauliflower Coffee Cake, I like this served on my breakfast table! And my favorite Paradiso Pizza for lunch. I guess I just discovered a new target for recipe-to-learn on my list. Thanks for the recipe..


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