Welcome to 84th & 3rd! In less than 140 – I make stuff, bake stuff and write stuff. And really, as long as there is cake and tea no one will get hurt.

Who is JJ?

A Sydney-based Aussie by passport, born and raised in America-land. JJ believes food should be fun, healthy should not mean boring, and if all else fails pie makes everything better.

84th & 3rd

JJ is a recipe developer, photographer, writer, designer, runner, yogi, itchy-feet traveler, NYC tragic and tea drinker.

She firmly believes brunch is the best meal ever invented, will seven times out of ten choose chocolate over any other flavour and has very opinionated opinions about processed food.

Food inspires her. She thinks about it constantly, discussing over breakfast what to eat for lunch, detouring miles out of the way for specific dishes, making up recipes – mad scientist style – as she goes along.

Most of what she has to say is slightly long-winded, tinged with sarcasm and covered with a good dusting of cocoa powder – take it as you will! RJ is her partner in crime. He humours her [most of the time], serves as front line taste-tester and opinion-giver and makes her laugh every day. She plans on keeping him around for a while.

JJ eats unprocessed – most of the time. Is a ‘veg-aquarian’ – but still cooks meat for others. Practices yoga to stay calm[ish], runs to stay sane[ish], and does both to eat cake. While she is not gluten-free, dairy-free or vegan she cooks that way quite a bit.

There may or may not be a worrisome addiction to travel, cookbooks, brunch, kitchenware and vintage dishes.

Where did the name 84th & 3rd come from?

84th & 3rd is an ordinary corner, not particularly remarkable, in the most remarkable city in the world.  But it was only meters from that corner that a seed was planted, a dream of doing something that she loves and being able to share it with others. 84thand3rd.com is that something.


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Postal address: PO Box 993, Neutral Bay, NSW 2089
Note: the North Sydney address is no longer valid.

If the aforementioned long-winded-ness seen here isn’t enough, there are so many other places to follow along. Beware of prolific ramblings, special offers and occasional outbursts – or special outbursts and occasional offers as the case may be.

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Work with JJ…

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Now go have some cake.