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ThePantrySometimes you crave fresh baked treats but just can’t be bothered to get out all the jars and measuring implements – or maybe you can’t even be bothered to have a jar of flour!

Whether it is for your own home or as a gift, BakeKits from 84th & 3rd @ThePantry come to the rescue, and to the party.

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So what are you craving today?

Chocolate CupCakes

VanillaBean CupCakes

Rich&Famous | Chocolate CupCakesSelf-indulgence at its best, made with special Dark Cocoa Powder and topped with ChocFudge Icing. Go on, a little infatuation is healthy … a lot is even better.AngelFace | VanillaBean CupCakesTrue VanillaBean flavour, good enough for the angels, or just those looking for a piece of heaven. Included VanillaBean Icing can be tinted to match your mood.

ChocChip Cookies

TripleChoc Cookies

Just.One.More | ChocChip CookiesA classic favourite, these are always the first to disappear. Dark ChocChips in a soft cookie are as good as a hug, and can elicit that reaction from others!TheDarkSide | TripleChoc CookiesThe only thing that makes a ChocChip Cookie better is more Chocolate. Chewy and rich, these just call out to be dunked in milk – or sandwiched with ice-cream.

OatmealApricot Cookies

Sultana&Bran Muffins

SouthernHospitality | OatmealApricot CookiesWarm spices, Oats and Apricot pieces can almost justify these at sunrise, or just about any other time of day. Go on, you know you’re curious about them!Rise&Shine | Sultana&Bran MuffinsMy gran would bake these every morning when we stayed at her house. The smell alone will wake up even the soundest sleeper and bring them running to the kitchen.

Fudge Brownies

Lemon Bars

Dark&Handsome | ChocFudge BrowniesThe perfect brownie if we do say so ourselves. Not too cakey, not to gooey, just the right blend of Cocoa and Dark ChocChips for a decadent sweet treat.PuckerUp | TangyLemon BarsThis luscious slice will turn heads wherever you take it. With a rich biscuity crust and tangy Lemon Zest filling, they are perfection, with a dusting of icing sugar on top.

StickyDate Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Not.So.Proper | StickyDate PuddingMoist cake with a rich caramel sauce is the perfect finish to any meal. Whips up in a flash and posh enough even for the in-laws … if you like them enough to share.LavaLove | Chocolate PuddingChocolate cake that brings its own sauce? Sounds like a regular guest to me! Whether for a dinner party or a random Tuesday night, this pudding always hits the spot.

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