Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread {DF, Vg}

Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread

Well kids, it seems I’m still out of words — sort of.

I can of course talk your ear off over tea or cocktails, and there are a thousand travel stories running through my head that are trying to formulate themselves into something digestible, but somehow I’m struggling to come up with any incidental tidbits that can be remotely linked to English Muffin Bread.

Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread

Of course as I type that my bunny-hopping mind has just spun into the following stream of consciousness tangent …

English muffins … nooks and crannies … perfect for spreads … butter, tahini, coconut butter, crushed raspberries, jam … ohh concord grape jelly … apparently Concord grapes (and the farmers who make a living from them) may be extinct in under a decade because of big business and south american imports … who wants to make small batch, farm to consumer grape juice and jelly with me in Upstate NY?

Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread

… but only if I can live somewhere else during winter because winter on Lake Erie is evil … Sydney is so picturesque in summer … glad it’s not raining today … so gorgeous outside, what am I doing sitting at a computer … it’s too late to go to the beach, maybe I should take advantage of the non-rainy weather and paint a backdrop (cue creative distraction gene) …

Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread

backdrop done … hum, time for more tea and another slice of English muffin bread perhaps …

Oh wait, there is something not entirely tangential to mention about this bread. I found it while exploring Enriching your Kid, my assigned blog for March Secret Recipe Club. I was tempted first by the Purple Amaranth Paratha flatbreads and then by the Beetroot Cutlets but it was the English Muffin Bread that won the day.

I only gave it a slight twist, recreating the flavour of my favourite childhood English Muffin variety — honey wholewheat. Perfect freshly baked with a pat of butter, or toasted any day thereafter with a schmear of jam … now what was I saying about tangents?

Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread

Honey Wholewheat English Muffin Bread


  1. says

    I’ve wanted to make English muffins for years now – and hadn’t even thought of English muffin bread. So many wonderful breads to make, so little time :-) Pinning! Oh and I love Concord Jelly as a kid growing up in the northeast, and it’s one of my husband’s favorites from his New England childhood. I hate to hear that it might become extinct. That would be a tragedy!

  2. says

    Love this bread! I’ve been collecting some recipes for English muffin type bread made in a loaf, but so far have not tried any of them

    yours seems absolutely delicious!

  3. says

    What a great looking recipe. I had a great time highlighting your recipe this month. You have an amazing site and I am looking forward to coming back during the month for more great recipes.

  4. says

    I have made English Muffin Bread but always wished it was whole wheat. Will have to give your version a try! Pictures are amazing as always! Great SRC pick!

  5. Brenda Hayes says

    Humm, maybe we can strike a deal….a round trip ticket somewhere for Dec, Jan, Feb. and March. Concord grape creations the rest of the time. And I can taste those honey wheat English muffins.

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