Gluten Free Quinoa Cornbread

Gluten-free Quinoa Cornbread

I’ve been a touch quiet ’round internet-land these past few weeks but there’s been lots happening in the background…

A few Dining Out posts, a few events, and a whole lot of design / editing / food photography for a new extremely fast turn around project has meant that this is not only the first recipe post in two weeks but the first thing I’ve cooked and photographed for my own purposes since those Almond Croissant Makeover treats. Phew.

Gluten-free Quinoa Cornbread

Of course that meant I not only tackled one dish last night but two, it happens. The first – this Gluten Free Quinoa Cornbread – is inspired by my assigned blog for this month’s Secret Recipe Club. The second – a mushroom and kale soup – should provide badly needed sustenance for another impending crazy week, as well as a future post.

Flipping through the recipe index on my SRC assigned blog, So Tasty So Yummy, I was spoiled for choice! Katie’s wholewheat Chocolate Doughnuts were one of the first things to catch my eye, alas I have no doughnut pan (note to self, get a doughnut pan…) and while I could have made them in a muffin tin, where’s the fun in that?

Gluten-free Quinoa Cornbread

I got distracted by the Autumn Dinner Party, thinking how perfect it would be to share over on Seasonal Sunday Lunch, I contemplated the Portobello Mushroom Soup for dinner, but I kept going back to the Cornbread.

You could call this a very generously adapted reflection of the original, but honestly when do I stick to a recipe these days? Inspiration is everything and Katie’s cornbread is just the inspiration I needed.

Now please excuse me while I crawl back into a pile of work, at least there’s soup and bread to keep me going, and soon enough I’ll share what I’ve been up to… Have a great week!

Gluten-free Quinoa Cornbread


  1. says

    Yummy! I haven’t made cornbread in a while, but this is convincing me that I really need to!

    I had your blog for this month’s SRC – I had such a difficult time deciding what to make! I ended up choosing a variation of your spiced cherry tart (but instead used Saskatoon berries) and your almond cornmeal crust! They were quite tasty! You have such a beautiful blog and it was really a pleasure looking thorough it! I love how you have so many “me friendly” recipes. Take care!

  2. says

    This is such an interesting version of cornbread! Love the use of quinoa and especially quinoa flour which I have never seen before. Gorgeous photos as usual!

  3. Aahana says

    Mmmm, not only looks delicious but it tastes fantastic!! Have made it several times now, I like to mix it up; Added onions and garlic instead of corn kernels and it was amazing and also omitted the rice syrup. Thank you for the recipe!


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