White Winter Soup

Winter White Soup

The good news is I don’t have pleurisy.

While the thought lives just fine on it’s own as a daily positive affirmation statement it may be best if explain a bit further…

First some background, I am not a fan of doctors [sorry doctors], hospitals freak me out and I am not one prone to hypochondria. The last time I was in a hospital was 11-ish years ago and in general I am one of those people who will soak gushing kitchen injuries in salt water and bandage with a tight band-aid before ever considering stitches.

Winter White Soup

In any case, I recently ended up with some chest pain that came out of the blue – no odd movements or strenuous exercise just bam, pain every time I took a breath. Crap.

After about 36 hours I figured it probably wasn’t indigestion [yes, 36 hours, see previous note about doctors and hospitals] and it was about this time it went from uncomfortable while breathing to spreading down my arm. So as any responsible person does I consulted Dr. Google.

Chest pain on breathing + tiredness + sore throat + aching muscles = pleurisy. Pay no mind to the fact that no one is afflicted by this particular ailment any more, I was obviously the exception.

Winter White Soup

I rang a girlfriend who is a nurse and jokingly told her my diagnosis. RJ gave me an “I told you so” look when she stated it most certainly was not pleursy but that I did need to go to the ER. Double crap.

Off we went and I must say that with all the hospital issues going on in Sydney right now we were more than impressed with Royal North Shore. Everyone we came across was efficient and friendly, and while the speed with which they got to me may have been due to presenting as a young-ish, reasonably fit woman with chest pains, I recon the lack of makeup exposing brilliantly haggard dark circles under my eyes didn’t hurt either.

Blah blah blah cut to the end and all is well. No heart condition, no clots, no indication of anything other than some muscular-skeletal issue that managed to sort itself out the very next day. I didn’t ask about the pleurisy.

Winter White Soup

So what does this have to do with soup? Absolutely nothing. Not even a tenuous link. It happens sometimes.

In other news I think I need to work on my daily affirmations but until I find a new one, the good news is I don’t have pleurisy.



  1. Eha says

    Thanks: how did you know exactly what had to be used up first in MY crisper. My printer is going at the moment and I know what my next lunch will be! Methinks I am going to like it too, never having put fennel into a soup like this!! Now I studied medicine the whole six years at Sydney Uni, but these days I SO agree with you about keeping away from both the dears and hospitals. Haven’t been as lucky as you and am in a somewhat similar situation at the moment: and mine ain’t muscle probs. Thanks for the recipe and hope your scenario does not recur :) !

  2. says

    No Pleurisy! Yay! I must say, RNSH has been fabulous of late. I had my daughter there, public, and I couldn’t fault them.
    Your soup is exactly what the doctor ordered. Thanks for posting!

  3. says

    oh I share your freak-out-state of hospitals – my last visit as a patient was when I was 5. Very glad you’re OK. Recipe looks fab. I love it when the dregs of the bottom of the fridge turns out fabulous creations :)

    • JJ says

      I’ve been dragging the crisper for soup pretty much every week – makes me feel better about giving veggies another life!

  4. says

    Yay for ruling out any medieval (or otherwise) thoracic diseases! Glad you feel better. Soup looks delish. Will definitely try it maybe with some added chilli (can’t help myself, I’m Indian).

  5. says

    Glad to hear you are ok! I’ve been battling illness of some kind for the last two months and we’ve been investigating everything from a double whammy of pneumonia to cancer to god knows what! Still investigating. Wish me luck!
    Love your recipe.

  6. says

    Oh wow. I’m glad you’re OK and everything is well. And you don’t have pleurisy (I had to Google that one). If it helps try Oprah and Deepak’s perfect health 21-day meditation. I had a similar episode a year ago (chest pain, numbness of fingers, cold sweats etc) and a panic attack. It turned out to be reflux. After that I needed positive affirmations and the daily mediation helped me somehow. Take care love! xx


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