Rhubarb & Apple Spread. Or it is curd… or perhaps jam. No probably not jam, not really curd either…


One bunch of rhubarb well past its prime languished in my crisper. A few unsightly end of season apples picked up from the organic food store sat forlornly on the bench top. Cooking them down was the only option I could see.

I haven’t had much luck baking with rhubarb in the past. As a compote it works just fine but baked into anything it just never has any taste to me. Once I used it with with coconut and pear and produced a cake loaf that was so awful even toasting couldn’t save it.


In any case, I started this with apple jelly in mind and boiled the peels and cores to extract the natural pectin. Then I added the apple and rhubarb and started it simmering. It did not turn into jelly or jam, not even close, however a quick blitz with an immersion blender saved the day and this creation was born.


I canned it because I could, and because it has enough acid to not be too scary. Then I dressed it up in pretty bows and made it pose for far too many photos because it’s Christmas.


I’ve been spreading it on toast and eating it straight from the jar. It sings with cheese and RJ had some with a pork roast the other night. It would be delicious over natural yoghurt or vanilla ice cream. You could add a few eggs or some arrowroot and turn it into curd. You could add a few cups of sugar and make jam. I’m perfectly happy with spread.

In other news, there is a distinct possibility that while I keep using decorations for photos, not a single one has been hung up. We have not purchased a real tree, all three [or are we up to four now?] fake green table top ones are still in boxes somewhere, and I waited too late to get a fake white one… oops. At least it isn’t Christmas Eve yet!






  1. Jen says

    I’ve made this spread twice now, I love it so much! Thank you for sharing the recipe! The colour of mine didn’t turn out as nice as yours, so I added a little bit of raspberries to it and the colour turned out to be beautiful (it’s tasty with the raspberries too!). Do you think it’s okay to preserve this sauce with the raspberries added to the recipe? Thanks!

    • JJ says

      That is so lovely to hear! Raspberries would make a great addition and shouldn’t make any difference to the preserving process. :)


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