Activated Almonds, Walnuts & Brazil Nuts


I had that look in my eye. The slightly crazy one that says I am getting hangry, keep all hands away from the cage lest you lose a finger…

Soothing words uttered in dulcet tones do not help this hungry/angry low blood sugar situation – well unless those words are ‘here is some food to eat‘. Nor does distraction – unless distraction is delivered as food. Are you catching on?


Needless to say, I have learned over the years to never be without snacks. Nuts, apples, carrots – they float in the bottom of handbags, work desk-drawers and car cup-holders like loose change. RJ is well versed in the duck & cover routine if said food is not immediately available when hangry hits.


Although I’ve never been one who likes nuts mixed into things like cakes and cookies, on their own I’ve become quite a fan and I’ve read a fare bit lately about ‘activating’ nuts to alter the enzymes and make them, and their nutrients, more digestible.

The idea is that the nuts are sprouted by soaking – yep, nuts sprout like seeds – and a chemical reaction is kicked off. Then they are dried at very low heat as to not destroy all the good stuff.


It’s a terribly easy process… that requires plenty of patience while waiting around for the nuts to do their thing – but what you end up with is a completely changed nut. Crunchy like it has been roasted – but not roasted, fresh like it is raw – but not raw. Dangerously addictive and even healthier than nuts on their own.

The perfect hangry-busting snack for keeping in the bottom of handbags and desk-drawers. Or for hiking across the mountains of Montana as the case may be…



Activated Nuts

‘Activating’ nuts causes them to sprout, in the process changing the enzymes and releasing phytic acid. Make sure to rinse the soaked nuts very well to remove the leached acid. Drying at low heat maintains the nutrients. If you try this, use at least a kg [2.2 lbs] of nuts to make it worth the effort!


  • 1 kg raw, unsalted nuts* – organic if you can get them
  • Filtered water to soak and rinse


Quick version:

Soak nuts 12 hours. Drain and rinse well. Spread over trays and bake no higher than 65C [150F] for approximately 12 hours until crunchy when cool.

Store in the freezer or fridge and use as you would any nuts. Brag about how much better they are.

Full version:

Place nuts in a large bowl, cover with filtered water by at least a few inches to allow for expansion. Set aside to soak for at least 12 hours – best to do this overnight.

Set oven to the lowest possible temp – no higher than 65C [150F]. If you have an oven thermometer it will come in very handy here.

Rinse soaked nuts very well until the water runs clear. Drain and spread over a clean towel to remove additional water.

Spread evenly over baking trays with room for air to circulate – I used 3 trays for 1kg of nuts.

Bake for 12 hours* – swapping trays and stirring occasionally every few hours – until crunchy when cool. You will want to test them after 10 hours or so by removing one or two and letting them cool first.


  • I used 500g almonds, 250g walnut halves and 250g brazil nuts.
  • Soaking – almonds begin to sprout in 12 hours, walnuts are ok with a bit less, brazils are large and hard so they may need a bit longer – I did them all for 12, the planet is still rotating.
  • Drying – like soaking, some take less and some take more time. 12 hours is perfect for almonds, I took the walnuts out at 11 hours or so.
  • For a bit more info about Activated Nuts check out
    Easy Peasy Organic.
  • These are great plain but if you want to flavour them here are a few great ideas you can try.



  1. says

    I never knew you could make nuts healthier! I’ll definitely be trying this!

    Totally agree with the hangry. I nearly left the house on Sunday without snacks and said to the husband ‘don’t you know by now, as well as asking if I have my phone you should ask if I have a snack. It’s for your own good!’

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