Things and stuff and more things – ‘Stralia Day

Happy Australia Day! Or if you want to sound like a local, Happy ‘Stralia Day Maate. You should probably go make Lamingtons or Pavlova or eat a meat pie to celebrate. We however had Pumpkin Pie Pancakes for brunch and watched out the window as it rained, then pretended to clear up, then rained, then pretended to clear up. Around 5 we got sick of waiting for the weather to cooperate and headed into the city to sit by the water and drink cider and watch some jazz – the rain stayed away. Then we came home and made pan-fried fish burgers for dinner. A very successful ‘Stralia Day all up.

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#AustraliaDay 2012 hot date #jazz on the water #AustraliaDay sharing a cider and some live music

Ok, the quick wrap up…starting with food of course

  • You must see this wedding dress cake to believe it! It is all over Twitter right now but no-one seems to know who created it.
  • Food trucks and South American flavours aside, 2012 in food looks to be a year of… retro for both the kitchen and what comes out of it, quality beer, doing more with cheese, inspired vegetarian, mini sizes, less stuffy/more fun, and bacon everything. They forgot to add Whoopie Pies.
  • I am ever-so-slightly obsessed with tv shows about food – excluding ones with competitions that go for more than one episode and may or may not have judges with cravats. Whenever we get to America-land the first thing I do is turn on the Food Network. We don’t have pay tv right now so I am sorely missing good [and bad] food television and am instead reduced to watching occasional original Iron Chef in all it’s voice-over glory. Anyway, this is an infographic of the ‘Evolution of Food on Television’, how many of the shows have you seen?
  • Knowing how many teaspoons in a Tablespoon and how many Tablespoons in a quarter cup has served me well over the years. [3t = 1T and 4T = 1/4c if you are wondering] However, Aussie Tbsps are different and throw the whole thing off, I use American implements and conversions and will forever insist that a cup of butter = 2 sticks = 226g and not 250g. Anyway. Russell over at Chasing Delicious has made some lovely infographic / cheatsheets for weight and volume equivalents.

And finally…

  • If you missed last week’s SOPA stuff I’ve put in a couple of updates – specifically that the bill was withdrawn. I didn’t say it over there at the time but the thing that bothers me most is that some politician in the pocket of big business has a bee in his bonnet and thinks that the Internet is American. Someone may need to remind him that the first two w’s in www means ‘World Wide’. Idiot.

Hope you’ve had a delicious week!


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    Ooh thanks for the link to the weight and volume cheatsheets, have bookmarked.

    I’d been wondering about SOPA; very glad it was withdrawn. It had the potential to dramaticly screw things up. And that idiot politician that said something along the lines of “If China can, why can’t we”…Insanity.

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    Sounds like you had a great Australia day, despite the rain. While we’ve been inundated with rain it was actually fine for Australia day! Back to rain again today though!

    The cheat sheets are Chasing Delicious are fabulous!! Thanks for the link!

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