Really, you are.

Everyone needs someone to tell them this every now and then:

The Bloggess - fucking crazy

via thebloggess.com

Did you know that the first week of October was National Mental Illness Awareness Week? No? I did. How did I find this out? The Bloggess told me, as only as she can. I just gave you the punch line, if you appreciate it, go read the post, she is the best kind of crazy. I’m guessing that the parades for this week aren’t quite as raucous as some other ‘holidays’, but I would imagine the party drugs could be some of the best around.

FYI, I grew up with two psychologists for parents. Two. Both of them. Both. Draw your own conclusions. And because it’s nice to have someone tell you every now and then that your own brand of loony is pretty good, be aware that if I have your address there is a good chance you will get this for any card-worthy holiday this year, and maybe forever. Love you all.


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