Bits and pieces – San Diego

While in San Diego on our recent trip there were a few other things we got up to along the way … Warning: stream of consciousness ahead, proceed with caution…

Welcome to Gas Lamp

  • A quick shout out to the sales guy at the camera store where I picked up a new lens for my camera – I had emailed to make sure they had the Nikon 35mm 1.8 AF-S and LowePro Passport Sling in stock, and when I popped in to pick them up he said ‘I like your blog, I sent the link to my sister, she is always looking for good gluten free recipes’. Mate – you made my day and probably have no idea – thanks for the lovely comment. For anyone wondering, I do still like my 50mm but I’m coming around to the 35!
  • I was way too excited about the opportunity to get Pink Berry while in the states.  You will begin to very quickly see a recurring theme on this trip around ice-cream. After 8 or so months off sugar and cow dairy, both managed to make a re-appearance quite frequently, and we welcomed them back temporarily with open arms, or taste buds as the case may be. I did however have the notion that Pink Berry was more healthy than other fro-yo due to the use of real yogurt and less sugar. Um, no, saw a comparison article in some Food Mag picked up along the way – not even close. Very disappointed, that said, it was absolutely delicious. Original with mango, blueberries and slivered almonds; Chocolate with raspberries.

Food, there is always food

  • We had Mexican at Pokez. Cheap, fresh, Mexican. With a really big vegetarian selection [!!!]. I didn’t take a pic of the restaurant unfortunately but it was as amusing as much for the decor as for the other patrons who were squeezed into booths and 80’s knock off dresses, both of which would have benefited from more wiggle room.  Our friends [the ones who we went out on the boat with and who let us crash for a night] took us there one evening. Yum.
  • Did you know that there is a sports bar type pub in Gaslamp that is staffed by nearly naked girls wearing kilts? No? RJ does, he watched a Mets game there. When I commented on the outfits he said ‘oh really, I hadn’t noticed’. How sweet, not particularly believable, but sweet.

Sunday morning it came time to leave San Diego and properly kickoff our holiday … after 2 flights to get across the country. Argh and then sigh. Highlights?

  • TSA for starters … I opt out of the x-ray airport scanners. I am not getting a full body radiated scan unless there is a medical purpose for it. Deal with it. It irritates the hell out of the staff, ‘another opt-out, female’ grumbled into the radio on their shoulder. Far out, the woman performing the pat down in SD was either straight out of training or practices nightly on her Great Dane, I suspect the latter. The ‘using the back of my hand for sensitive parts now’ warning was uttered no less than 7 times, RJ was done with his pat down in half the time – I’m half the size, explain that one, and she paid so much attention to frisking my feet and ankles that I felt like I should have given her a tip for the foot massage.
  • Definition of Irony #3 – In a brilliant new installment, the flight from San Diego to LAX took 26 minutes. This was exactly 2 minutes longer than the subsequent transit via shuttle bus ride from the Alaskan Airways terminal to the main terminal to catch our cross country connection. They may as well just drive the plane down the highway from one airport to another.

Made it this far? Nice one! So I leave you with the lights of DC as we fly in and promise that there is lots of food to come.

The lights of DC


  1. brenda says

    Maybe TSA had a tip that a tiny little woman was sneaking into the country with something injected under her skin between her toes!!

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