Blood Orange and Almond Upside-down Cake

Orange and Almond Cake

I’ve made this cake a few times recently – all in the name of testing of course – tweeking ingredients, adjusting flavours, getting it just right.  So when organic blood oranges made an appearance in the shops a couple of weeks back I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use them.  Around the same time, the October Unprocessed initiative was launched for 2011.  As we have essentially been eating unprocessed [and a bit further] since last year, I signed the pledge and then I put up my hand to guest post figuring that this would be the perfect recipe to share!
Oranges and Ingredients

You see, for as much as I bake things like this Perfect Banana cake, or these Chocolate Cupcakes it is always for other people, work birthdays or family parties or whatever, and they really don’t fall into How We Eat. So instead, when it’s just for us, what comes out of the kitchen is much more along the lines of this Orange Cake. Whole-wheat flour, almonds, orange puree and a bit of apple juice concentrate. Hearty, moist and moorish, it’s just sweet enough to be a treat and perhaps healthy enough to eat for breakfast, not that I do that or anything [totally do that, don’t tell anyone, it’ll just be our secret].

Make The Cake

There are two main tricks to getting the best out of this cake … The first is to make sure you boil the oranges for the full length of time advised in the recipe. The second is to beat the eggs until they are thick and pale. Easy! Before you know it, you’ll have cake for breakfast too. You’re welcome.

Blood Orange and Almond Cake


The full recipe for Blood Orange and Almond Upside-down Cake is over at October Unprocessed – click here to go and visit! If you haven’t already, consider joining up and taking the pledge to eat #unprocessed for the rest of the month!

“Unprocessed food is any food that could be made by a person with reasonable skill in a home kitchen with readily available, whole-food ingredients.” – Andrew Wilder

Essentially, if you need a lab, or industrial manufacturing equipment or other voodoo magic to make the food or any item in the food, it’s not unprocessed. Stop reading labels for fat and calories and start reading them for processed vs unprocessed – it’s really about being more aware of what you eat, if only just for a little bit. Try it, you’ll be surprised, and good luck!


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